Mindfulness of Sound

This is the mindfulness of sound meditation.

Take a moment to sit in an upright and dignified position with both feet flat on the floor. Maybe having a sense that your body is supported yet at ease. Allowing the eyes to close, or simply softening your gaze, whichever is most comfortable for you. And I’ll invite you to take a few deep breaths, giving yourself permission to be right here, right now (pause for 5 seconds)

As best you can, allow your attention to settle in on your breath. Noticing each breath and sensing how the chest rises on the inhale, and falls away on the exhale.

(pause for 5 seconds)

Observing this breath right here . . .

Using your breath as an anchor to the present moment. And each time your mind wanders away from the breath, simply noticing it, and, without judgment, bringing kind attention back to the breath. (pause for 5 seconds)

Breathing in. . . breathing out . . . Observing the rhythm and quality of the breath just as it is. (pause for 5 seconds)

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