Sound has the power to heal you, only if you know exactly which sounds to utter. The sound mantras change based on the problem to be healed, person to be healed, their age, gender and birth data. Specific mantras are prescribed based on the aforementioned factors.

When a person has becomes ‘silent’ (not forcibly but organically), they hear a vibration around their whole body. These vibrations made up of sound waves are energy vibrations resonating around the physical body of that individual. This Sound “Energy” then has the power to heal the person and help them create a life of their dreams.

Sound & Human Psychology Are Connected

Sound Is A Vital Energy Form

Sound Is Therapeutic

Sanskrit Mantras Chanting For Healing

  • Connection between Sound Healing and our psychology.
  • Sound Healing can be a tool in helping you build your dream life. 
  • Sound Healing can help relieve stress, anxiety, tension and other emotional disorders.
  • Benefits of reciting Sanskrit mantras.
  • Essential components of Sanskrit Mantras Chanting for maximum benefits.